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Spreading the advantages of japan to the world, Promotive personnel exchanges and material transactions between the  world  and the Japanese People. Help you achieve economic exchanges, Cultural exchanges, and business exchanges in the era of globalization.   

In the 21st century globalized society we Lucas Global Japan Co., Ltd.Company taking japan as the center of information dissemination, spreading the superiority of the japan, the vitality of japan, the potential of japan to the world, and  let the world understand japan.Meditate, Help, Realize personal exchanges, material exchanges, economic exchanges, cultural exchanges, business exchanges between japan ant the world.

So far,Japan's role in the international community should be proven.However, there are some still potentials to be tappet that have not yet been known to the world. For us toward a simpler, more comfortable, more convenient society, Not only in japan, but also the majority people in the world really feel the happiness of human society, and want to bear some responsibility for life. 

In the future, we will continue to  work hard for everyone's happiness.we also hope that our customers and colleges will double their patronage and support our development. 

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第2回 日中韓 国画&書道展覧会開催 2018年6月23日(土)~28日(金)(Ended)

第2回 日中韓 国画&書道展覧会 開催状況の写真まとめ    (Ended)